New York Jets

New York Jets

The New York Jets are based in the metropolitan area of New York and play in the AFC East division of the NFL. Home games are played at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey (approximately five miles away from New York City), an arena they share with the New York Giants.

The Jets were founded in 1959 when it was deemed that New York City was large enough to have two major football teams, and have had a number of different owners over the years.

The team has made it to the playoffs 14 times and has captured the Super Bowl just once, in 1968. In recent years, there has been a lot of turbulence within the organization, with the constant shifting of coaches and players.

History of the New York Jets

Originally called the Titans of New York, the team’s name was changed in 1962 to the New York Jets, to reflect the style of football they were looking to play.

The team made it into the AFL playoffs for the first time in 1968 and went on to win the AFL Championship, as well as the Super Bowl, defeating the highly touted Baltimore Colts in a shock result. This success came under the guidance of quarterback, Joe Namath, an AFL icon.

Starting to Struggle

After the merger of the NFL and the AFL, the New York Jets started to struggle, failing to make the play-offs at all during the 1970s. The team started to recover somewhat in the 1980s, making the playoffs four times and getting to the AFC Championship game in 1982.

However, the 1990s brought more struggles and they went through a number of head coaches, including Pete Carroll and Bill Parcells. The latter came from fierce rivals, the New England Patriots, and began to turn the team around. After winning the AFC East in 1998, they got to the AFC Championship game.

More Recent Years

Bill Belichick took over after Parcells resigned, only to resign himself the following day in order to take over as head coach for the New England Patriots. Between 2001 and 2010, the team reached the playoffs on six occasions.

Rex Ryan took over in 2009 and he brought the team to successive appearances in the AFC Championship game but the New York Jets have not made it back to the playoffs since 2010, having constantly replaced head coaches, quarterbacks and other key players.

Home Stadium and Supporters

The New York Jets have had a number of different home arenas over the years. When they started sharing with the New York Giants, the latter were reluctant to change the name away from being called Giants Stadium.

There were discussions about building a stadium for the New York Jets on the west side of Manhattan. While they sought approval from the NFL and were in the process of putting construction plans in place, New York politicians vetoed the development.

This led to the New York Jets beginning a 50-50 joint venture with the Giants to construct a new stadium. This was the MetLife stadium, which opened in April 2010, and which both teams share.

The team has an abiding rivalry with the New England Patriots and games between them are the high points of every season.

The height of this rivalry came when Bill Parcells left the Patriots to take over the New York Jets, with Bill Belichick doing the opposite just a few years later. Other archrivals include the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and, of course, the New York Giants.

Notable Players

Over the years some notable players have pulled on the New York Jets uniform, including:

  • Brett Favre, Joe Namath, Don Maynard, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ed Reed, Ty Law, Curtis Martin, Ronnie Lott, Jason Taylor and Art Monk.

Betting on New York Jets Games

The New York Jets have been struggling over the past decade to get back to the playoffs.

While there have been some close misses, it is hard to know what type of performance the New York Jets will deliver on a weekly basis.

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