GAMSTOP: Taking Control of Online Gambling in the UK

GAMSTOP: Taking Control of Online Gambling in the UK

GAMSTOP is a complimentary online self-exclusion service tailored to assist individuals across Great Britain in managing their online gambling activities.

By registering, individuals are barred from accessing all online gambling sites and applications licensed within the UK for a period of their choice, ranging from six months up to five years.

This all-encompassing strategy provides those grappling with gambling issues a solid footing towards recovery.

Who runs and funds GAMSTOP?

GAMSTOP operates as an independent, non-profit entity governed by a board of trustees, boasting a wealth of experience in gambling, addiction, and consumer rights.

Its funding is sourced through a variety of channels including grants from the National Lottery Community Fund, contributions from gambling operators, and donations from both individuals and organisations.

This varied funding approach underpins GAMSTOP's autonomy and underscores its dedication to aiding individuals rather than catering to specific gambling sectors.

What is the purpose of GAMSTOP?

The core objective of GAMSTOP is to offer an accessible and effective mechanism for those looking to curb or halt their online gambling.

👉 By restricting access to licensed gambling websites, GAMSTOP fosters an environment conducive to recovery, lessening the temptation and risk of relapse.

Moreover, it champions responsible gambling by heightening awareness of the potential dangers and urging those in need to seek assistance.

Is participation in GAMSTOP mandatory for UK casinos?

Since March 31st, 2020, it has become a legal requirement for all online gambling operators licensed by the UK to register with GAMSTOP.

This mandate ensures widespread compliance and reduces the likelihood of individuals bypassing self-exclusion by turning to unlicensed entities.

Are there any casinos outside of GAMSTOP in the UK?

Indeed, a handful of online gambling platforms in the UK operate as a casino without GAMSTOP affiliation.

It's essential to understand that these casinos fall outside the regulatory purview of the UK Gambling Commission, meaning they lack comprehensive player protections, responsible gambling measures, and financial security safeguards.

Engaging with a casino without GAMSTOP involves significant risks, such as the potential for encountering unfair practices and a lack of mechanisms for resolving disputes.

While accessing non-GAMSTOP casinos is not explicitly illegal, it is highly advised against due to the risks involved with unregulated operators.

Moreover, individuals who have self-excluded via GAMSTOP might breach their self-exclusion agreement by engaging with non-GAMSTOP sites.

Can you access non-GAMSTOP casinos in the UK?

In theory, non-GAMSTOP casinos can be accessed through methods like virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass geographical restrictions. However, this approach is not recommended and may contravene certain VPN services' policies.
Responsible gambling encompasses not just the use of self-exclusion tools but also making informed and safe choices.

What are the premier UK resources for problem gambling?

For those facing gambling challenges, the UK offers several key resources for support and advice. Notable organisations include:

  • GamCare: Provides confidential advice, support, and treatment for individuals and families impacted by problem gambling. (
  • Gamblers Anonymous: Offers support groups and resources for those committed to overcoming gambling addiction. (
  • National Gambling Helpline: Available 24/7 for confidential advice on gambling-related issues. (0808 8020 133)
  • NHS Gambling Service: Delivers specialist NHS treatments for severe gambling issues.

How to ensure a casino is registered with GAMSTOP?

To confirm a casino's affiliation with GAMSTOP, the most direct method is to consult the GAMSTOP website and search for the casino's name in the register.

Additionally, the presence of the GAMSTOP logo on a casino's site serves as a clear indicator of its commitment to responsible gambling.

Summary of GAMSTOP and its benefits

GAMSTOP is pivotal in aiding UK residents seeking to address online gambling issues. Providing a free, comprehensive, and legally endorsed self-exclusion tool, GAMSTOP enables individuals to regain control over their gambling behaviours and fosters a recovery-supportive environment.

Through promoting responsible gambling within the online gambling sector, GAMSTOP stands as a crucial, accessible step for those prioritising health and wellbeing in their approach to gambling.

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