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Football is the most popular sport in the world today. There are hundreds of millions of football fans across the globe. Naturally, it is also the most popular sport to be on in most regions. There are so many different types of betting markets for football betting. Hence, there are always great opportunities to take advantage of and find a good bet.

Most sportsbooks will focus on their football offerings, which is ideal. So, you can expect all sorts of great promotions for football betting. Also, you can expect the likes of games being live-streamed.

Major Events

Premier League

The English Premier League is perhaps the best domestic football league in the world. That’s because many of the best players in the world play in this league. That includes legendary teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, three major players in this league over the years.

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the premier competition for club football in Europe. The best teams from the respective domestic leagues gain entry into this competition each season. The cream rises to the top to be crowned as the best team in Europe for a given season.

World Cup

The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years and it is the most prestigious international football tournament. Usually, there are 32 teams from across the globe taking part. That is, vying to be crowned the champion of the world for the next four years.


How to play

Types of Football Sports Betting Odds

There are countless different types of football betting markets for you to choose from. So, for some of the bigger games, there will be often a couple of hundred different markets on offer.

Betting on the winner of a game is naturally going to be the main market on offer. However, there are multiple extremely popular bets in football. For instance, multiple match-winner selections are regularly added together in order to create a multiple bet. Accumulators are the common name for these multiple bets. What’s more, they usually have massive odds allowing bettors to potentially win big off a small stake.

Handicap betting is another popular type of betting. This is ideal when you are looking to bet on strong favourites in a given fixture, as it will handicap the favourite and give you better odds when backing that given team.

Goalscorer markets are another key part of football betting. There are different forms of this market, such as first goalscorer, anytime goalscorer, and last goalscorer. This is a great market to keep your interest throughout a game.

Important Football Betting Terms

There are a few key terms in football betting that you need to know:

  • Draw No Bet – If you bet on a team to win a fixture in the Draw No Bet market and the game ends in a draw, you will get your stake back.
  • Asian Handicap – The Asian Handicap markets are the same as normal handicap markets. Except, if the game ends in a draw, you get your stake back.
  • Over/Under – The Over/Under markets are versatile and apply to different aspects of a game. The most popular aspect is over/under a certain amount of goals. For example, you can bet that there will be over 2.5 goals in a given game. Therefore, your bet will be successful if there are three goals or more scored in that fixture.

Tips for Betting on Football

Knowing the teams that you are betting on makes a big difference in terms of your long term results when betting on football. By knowing all about the players, their form, their history against that given team, etc. You are arming yourself with a lot of knowledge so you can make an informed decision when making a bet.

Generally, smaller multiple bets are better, such as a couple or three selections rather than massive accumulators. That’s because the odds are really stacked against you with the bigger bets, with the bookmakers making a lot of their money from these markets.

Sports Betting and Offers

Football is the most popular sport to bet on in most countries across the world. As a result, there are always great promotions from operators to stack the odds further in your favour when betting.

Now, at, you will be able to see all different types of football betting offers, from enhanced prices, cashback offers, and free bets.


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