Perfect Pairs Blackjack
offered by MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

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Good wins available!
Return to Player:
Up to 99.5%
Real Time Gaming
Many classic blackjack features, Stand, Hit, Double down, Perfect pairs side bid extra feature


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Perfect Pairs Blackjack from software providers such as Real Time Gaming is yet another welcome addition to the worldwide, online casino blackjack family.

Set apart simply because of its famous side bet, Perfect Pairs Blackjack has become extremely popular and can be played at a whole host of top online casinos.

This version of blackjack is played almost exactly the same way as classic blackjack but for one key difference. The USP here in Perfect Pairs is the titular side bet, one that gives players the chance to win a huge jackpot.

The side bet itself has a big house edge, something you’d expect of a bet with a big possible payout, but it still sets the game apart.


How to play

The basic rules of Perfect Pairs Blackjack are as you’d expect from a standard game of 21. Two cards are dealt to you, and the dealer. You can stand, hit, double down and do all the other usual stuff while going over 21 makes you bust.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The difference here, as we’ve said, is the “perfect pairs” side bet. This is a bet which is won or lost separately from your main wager.

You can win your main wager by getting blackjack, or as close to 21 as possible while beating the dealer, but in perfect pairs you indeed need a pair.

It sounds simple enough to get a pair of cards, but payout levels for this are based on just how good your pair is:

  • A pair of the same colour and same suit – 30/1
  • A pair of the same colour, but different suits – 10/1
  • A pair of different colours and different suits – 5/1

These are generally accepted odds, but your own online casino may offer different odds for this side bet. Perfect pairs side bet payouts can range from 5/1 to 6/1, 10/1, 12/1 and right up to 35/1 depending on who you bet with.

One tip we’ll give you is to check on the odds for your side bet regularly, even if you play the game with the same casino all the time.

Some casinos will change their odds according to how many players are playing and what their own chances are of making a profit, all to balance the books. So, just because you got 30/1 or 35/1 one day for a perfect pair, it doesn’t mean you’ll get any more than 25/1 the next day.

Return to Player

The return to player percentage, or RTP, in Perfect Pairs Blackjack can reach as much 99.5%. Of course, the house edge differs from casino to casino and from bet to bet, especially side bets, so never take this figure for granted and remember that your own returns will likely fluctuate.


We love this game because there is only a subtle difference from classic blackjack. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as the saying goes and with Perfect Pairs Blackjack we’re not trying to reinvent a great game, but are simply adding a little extra spice to the side bets!

Game FAQ

Where can I play Perfect Pairs Blackjack online?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack has been developed by the software provider Real Time Gaming

What type of game is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Perfect Pairs Blackjack on?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack can be played on


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