Spanish 21 Blackjack
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House Edge, Soft 17, Side Bets, Bonuses, Spanish decks, Super Bonus


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Once upon a time, you wouldn’t have thought there were too many ways to play a simple game like blackjack!

Many variants have been produced, however, include Spanish 21 Blackjack which is a terrific version combining the excitement garnered by classic blackjack with the multiple payouts offered by slot games.


How to play

Spanish 21 Blackjack is just like normal blackjack, but with more options for players and more ways to win.

The game is played with Spanish decks. A Spanish deck is made up of 48 cards rather than 52, with 2-9, jack, queen, king, and ace in each suit but no 10’s. All cards are counted at face value, therefore, with jack, queen, and the king always 10 and aces at either 1 or 11.

How to Play Spanish 21 Blackjack

There are a few differences in this game compared with normal blackjack. Players Blackjack always beats the dealer’s blackjack, with any wins being paid out at 3/2.

Again, a player’s total of 21 always beats the same from the dealer. The only way a player loses, in this case, is when their 21 contains more 2 cards than the dealers. Winning this way pays out at 1/1.

Pair splitting is allowed in this game. Players can split any cards of equal value, including aces, up to four hands. Hitting and doubling of any split hands which include aces is permitted.

Players can double down in Spanish 21 Blackjack too, which they may be used to from other blackjack variants, while there is also a double down rescue feature.

Double down rescue means that, after doubling, should any player be unhappy with their non-busted hand they may rescue or simply ‘take back’ the doubled portion of the bet. This forfeit’s their original wager.

Players cannot touch or change the cards. Every player remains responsible for the right count of their hand, while no bets are allowed after the first card of each respective round has been dealt.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Bonus Feature

Within Spanish 21 Blackjack there is a Super Bonus. This is a bonus given out when a player holds three 7’s of the same suit whenever the dealer’s shown card is also a 7. A fixed bonus in this case, which of course is very rare, can lead to 1,000 to 5,000 bonus wins.

Return to Player

Typically in blackjack games, including Spanish 21 Blackjack, the Return to Player percentage or ‘RTP’ is above 99%. This is a great return but is of course an average, so the amount you win and how often you are paid out really depends on your staking amount and your luck.


We love a good blackjack variant and Spanish 21 Blackjack will definitely be new to many people. The game offers great bonuses and features, and given that it is available with numerous operators via desktop and mobile it’s a terrific one to play on the move.

Play now with any of our recommended online casinos with any iOS or Android device.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Spanish 21 Blackjack online?

Spanish 21 Blackjack can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game Spanish 21 Blackjack?

Spanish 21 Blackjack has been developed by the software provider Microgaming

What type of game is Spanish 21 Blackjack?

Spanish 21 Blackjack is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Spanish 21 Blackjack on?

Spanish 21 Blackjack can be played on


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