The Schwarzwald-Stadion has undergone a number of name changes over the years since it was first opened in 1954 as the Dreisamstadion.

The arena is found in the city of Freiburg and is owned by the City of Freiburg. It currently plays host to the home fixtures of the Bundesliga side SC Freiburg.

There is a capacity of 24,000 for league games, with this dropping down to 18,000 for international games. There were plans to recently conduct extensive renovations of the Schwarzwald-Stadion. However, it was in 2012 that the modernization efforts were deemed to be unprofitable.

There was a referendum in 2015 that was asking the question as to whether or not there should be a new stadium built. The citizens of the city voted in favour of a new stadium being built. The SC-Stadion is set to hold 34,700 fans and it will be found close to the municipal airport of Freiburg.

History of the Schwarzwald-Stadion


After the Second World War, SC Freiburg did not have a home ground for their team’s games. They got a site in 1953 and built the Schwarzwald-Stadion, opening a year later. It was in 1970 that the southern stands were built.


After the club got promoted to the second tier of football in Germany in 1978, they planned the first major expansion of the Schwarzwald-Stadion. This saw the main stand being built.


The standing section was expanded in 1980, making the capacity increase to 15,000 people. There was a movement in 1993 by the coach of the team and Rolf Disch Solar Architecture to make Schwarzwald-Stadion a solar stadium.

Panels were installed on the roof, turning it into the first stadium that was powered by solar energy. After getting promoted to the top flight, floodlights were installed in the Schwarzwald-Stadion and capacity was extended further.


The current capacity has remained the same since the last of these major changes were finished in 1999. There are currently about 14,000 seats and standing space for about 10,000 fans.

The local neighbourhood has blocked all attempts to further expand the capacity of the stadium. As the field is too short, it does not meet UEFA requirements. Therefore, any games past the qualification games of UEFA competitions require special authorization.


A number of women’s international football games have taken place at the Schwarzwald-Stadion over the years. The senior German intentional men’s team have also played a number of games at the stadium since the turn of the 21st century.

SC Freiburg

SC Freiburg is found in the city of Freiburg and it was originally started in 1904. It is currently a part of the Bundesliga, having won the second tier in 2016. They have been up and down between the top two divisions for a number of seasons. The team has been playing its home games at the Schwarzwald-Stadion since 1954.

The man who was one of the leaders of turning the Schwarzwald-Stadion into a solar-powered stadium was the long-running manager Volker Finke.

He holds the record as being the longest-serving manager in the history of professional football in Germany, having managed the side between 1991 and 2007.

Current German national team manager Joachim Low is the record goalscorer for the club, having spent three separate spells with the team, scoring 81 goals during this time.

The club has won the second tier of football on four occasions, as well as winning numerous youth and amateur championships over the years. The best finish in the top tier for the club in recent years was the 5th place finish in 2012/2013.

Betting on games at the Schwarzwald-Stadion

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