The Voith-Arena is home to German football side 1. FC Heidenheim. The original stadium, the first in southern Heidenheim, was built back in the ’70s but has since been replaced.

The Albstadion, as it was named then, featured no seating or stands at first but was modernised gradually after construction had finished.

Some visiting teams struggled here in the unique atmosphere, the ground being Germany’s second-highest at nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, and when 1. FC Heidenheim gained promotion to the country’s third tier it was clear the ground wasn’t fit for purpose.

By 2010 the arena as we know it now was taking shape, with the south bank extended and stands built on all other sides.

Between 2013 and 2015 more modernisations were implemented with the current 15,000 capacity reached to achieve the minimum requirement of the 2. Bundesliga, to which the home side was promoted.

As part of the club’s constant progression, in 2015 solar panels were also added to all sides of this arena by which time the owners, the City of Heidenheim an der Brenz, had spent more than €20million to achieve their goals.

Voith-Arena Facts and Figures

A relatively new stadium anyway, the Voith-Arena has been significantly updated and while not particularly imposing is impressive in its own way. These are the key stats and facts about Heidenheim’s home.

  • Opened: 1972 (original stadium), 2010 for the new building
  • Renovated: 2013 and 2015
  • Capacity: 15,000. 5,905 fans are seated here, 1,000 seats are available for business customers with the remainder all housed in terraces for 1. FC Heidenheim’s home games.
  • Record Attendance: 15,000
  • Pitch: to keep wear and tear to a minimum, the pitch here is a hybrid grass surface. The dimensions of the pitch are the modern standard 105 metres by 68 metres.
  • Stands: this red-clad stadium joins all the way around, leaving no gaps. To the north is the Traub Haupttribüne, featuring above the normal seating the Sparkassen Business-Club.

Running along the opposite side of the pitch is the Südtribüne or ‘South Bank’, while behind each goal stands the Osttribüne (east) and the Westtribüne. The west bank also houses the Familenblock, i.e. the family area.

Memorable Games at the Voith-Arena

This arena, in its various guises, has seen its share of action but the highest quality games have all taken place in very recent times since Heidenheim reached the second tier.

These two league games in the 2. Bundesliga is among the most entertaining the stadium has hosted in its short history.

1. FC Heidenheim 4-3 Union Berlin

2017-2018 was a season of expectation for this club. The Voith-Arena having seen pre-season friendly victories with scores of 8-0, 17-0, 15-0, 18-0 and 23-0 no less!

While Heidenheim’s 2. Bundesliga opposition was of course very different, they were clearly up for it. With big name teams like Union Berlin coming to town, the 12,000 strong crowds were particularly vociferous.

This was a brilliantly topsy-turvy game. The deadlock wasn’t broken until a minute before half-time when Arne Feick scored, and many were expecting a tense second-half.

A John Verhoek goal on 61 minutes eased the nerves, but a Polter goal for Union Berlin on 63 and Marc Schnatterer goal for the home side on 66 meant a crazy few minutes had escalated things to an unexpected 3-1.

Moments later, the teams shared another three goals in 3 minutes as Skrzubski goals for Union sandwiched another Verhoek strike to make it 4-3 in an extraordinary affair.

1. FC Heidenheim 4-0 Hannover 96

By November 2019, Heidenheim was a well-established 2. Bundesliga side with this unique stadium a regular sight on TV. When major side Hannover 96 came to town, the visitors were favourites but the home side put in a sparkling display to knock them over.

A third-minute goal by Tim Kleindienst set the tone, and despite going in just 1-0 up at the break it was clear Heidenheim were on their game. They began the second half the same way they had the first, with Kleindiesnt scoring again and when Hannover had a man sent off the game was up.

Heidenheim completely dominated from that point, Marc Schnatterer netting a penalty and Sebastian Griesbeck adding a fourth on a perfect day for the home faithful.

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