Piggy Smash by Gaming Corps

Piggy Smash by Gaming Corps

Piggy Smash Q&A

We sat down with Alexandros Mavroudis, Product Owner at Gaming Corps, to talk about the release of Piggy Smash, an exciting new product that is the first to use the company’s Smash4Cash™ mechanic.

Q: First of all, can you introduce us to the Piggy Smash game and the exciting new Smash4Cash™ gameplay mechanic?

Piggy Smash is one of our most exciting products to date. The concept of the game is simple: Players must try to smash open a piggy bank to win prizes. It is the first game to use our innovative Smash4Cash™ mechanic, and it comes loaded with bonus features and plenty of big-win potential.

Smash4Cash™ does exactly as it says on the tin: it invites players to hit the smash button to try to break into something, in this case, a piggy bank, and win cash prizes.

Q: What do you think is fuelling the demand for innovative instant-win and arcade-style games like Piggy Smash right now?

Like everything, players' demands evolve. A new generation of casino players is emerging, and there is more demand for innovation and fresh ideas than ever.

Players want variety in their online casino experience, and we are happy to oblige them. Games like Piggy Smash, which offers an arcade-like experience, and our upcoming Crash game Samba Soccer are excellent examples. They take themes players are familiar with from online slots and put an entirely new spin on them.

Arcade-style products have been a huge hit for us at Gaming Corps. They allow us to experiment with gameplay mechanics while providing something intuitive and familiar, which has proven to be a winning formula for players.

Q: Gaming Corps games catalogue is packed full of titles with interesting themes and mechanics. Games like Ramen Puzzle, Prospector Plinko, and now Piggy Smash! all feel refreshing and unique thematically. How do you create these ideas?

With our games, whether it's slots, plinko, or Smash4Cash™, we are looking for something that will connect with an audience and something that will help us stand out from the pack.

Take Piggy Smash as an example. The Smash4Cash mechanic is all about smashing your way to big wins. Well, everybody can relate to the experience of smashing open their piggy bank to see what money they have saved, so it felt like a natural fit.

Q: Who is the ideal audience for Piggy Smash?

With Piggy Smash, we’ve created a game that will satisfy both classic slot players and a newer audience. The game offers familiar gameplay elements and an intuitive interface that more experienced players will feel comfortable with while also providing a theme that will resonate.

On the other hand, it’s very mobile-friendly and forward-thinking, which will help it appeal to a new, emerging generation of online players who are looking for games that break the mould while still providing excellent winning opportunities.

Q: What advantages do instant-win and fast games offer over traditional online slot and table games?

We live in a really innovative time for slot games, and while that is fantastic, sometimes you just want to strip things back and enjoy some simple gameplay. We believe Piggy Smash offers the best of both worlds. The Smash4Cash concept is incredibly simple, but it is also totally different from anything else on the market.

👉 Modern players also love to pick up their phones and smash out some fast-paced action, as we have seen with the success of our arcade games in the past. Piggy Smash! is extremely mobile-friendly, with players just a few taps of their screen away from some big potential wins.

Q: Can we expect to see more of the Smash4Cash™ mechanic in the future?

Yes! Piggy Smash is just the first game in a series of titles to utilise the mechanic. The next that will be using it is called Rampage, which will provide a light version of the mechanic, ensuring players can enjoy quick and easy gameplay.

Of course, user feedback is going to be essential. Piggy Smash! is the first time players will encounter Smash4Cash, so being able to gauge a reaction is super important to us. We are looking for ways to innovate and improve, and we will be monitoring this closely to see what players would like to see from future products using the mechanic.

Q: Can an arcade-style game like Piggy Smash match traditional casino and slot games in terms of winning potential?

Absolutely!. Piggy Smash! is not just a gimmick; the game packs a serious punch in the winning department. Players can land a maximum win of 1,120x their stake, and the game serves up an impressive RTP of 97%, which is higher than you will find in the majority of online slots.

We’ve also ensured the game is packed with bonus features. The Rampage feature is one of my favourites. It can trigger after smashing any piggy and will see up to 10 piggies smashed and prizes paid out.

When designing the game, we wanted to ensure that the action would be engaging to traditional casino and slot players, and these bonus features are an excellent way of keeping every turn exciting.

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Thank you to Alexandros Mavroudis, product owner at Gaming Corps.

Alexandros Mavroudis, Product Owner At Gaming Corps

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