Del Mar Racetrack

Del Mar Racetrack

The Del Mar Racetrack is located in Del Mar, California and it is beside a major fairground. The Del Mar Racetrack has been around since 1936 and Bing Crosby was one of the founding members. The facility is under the ownership of the state of California and there are races taking place at the facility all throughout the year.

It is the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club that leases the track for all of their live meetings. The first part of the season is from July until September, with the second part of the season beginning in November. There are a number of leading graded races that take place at the Del Mar Racetrack each season.

Ticket Prices

The price of tickets for racing at the Del Mar Racetrack will vary depending on the type of meeting and type of seating you are looking at. A general admission ticket will start as low as $6 on a normal day, but this rises to $20 on the opening day of the season. If you want to get access to the clubhouse at the Del Mar Racetrack, the price will be a bit higher for entry.

Course Details

This is the only seaside racetrack in the entire United States. It was in 1989 that this track became the leading race track in the entire country. The track has changed its surface numerous times over the years.

It was in 2007 that a synthetic surface was installed at the track. However, it was in 2015 that this was replaced by a dirt track one more. This was due to people having concerns that horses were picking up a lot of injuries as a result of the synthetic surface.

Tactics to Consider

As there are a lot of leading races at this track, quality horses tend to rise to the top. Those with strong track records in races with other good quality horses are always beneficial to look at. Those horses with a good track record around the Del Mar Racetrack also are a must, as there are a few nuances that can take horses a while to get used to.

Track History

The Del Mar Racetrack was first opened in July 1937 and one of the founding members was Bing Crosby. He greeted the first fans into the arena. As the years went on, many of the day's leading celebrities would go to the Del Mar Racetrack, using it as their own playground. With the outbreak of the Second World War, the track was used as a training ground for Marines and then as a factory to manufacture bombers.

After the end of the war, the Del Mar Racetrack reopened once more and more than 20,000 people went to the track for the first race back. Over the subsequent years, Del Mar Racetrack became one of the most successful tracks in the entire nation. Many of the sport’s best horses ran at the track, with some very notable races taking place there.

Biggest Races

There are many quality races that take place at the Del Mar Racetrack each year. The most highly-attended event of the season is always the opening day when crowds of almost 50,000 people squeeze into the track. There are a number of Graded races that take place during the season at the Del Mar Racetrack.

These include Grade I races such as:

There is also significant prize money on offer for these quality races, with massive sums also being wagered on races at the Del Mar Racetrack each season. It is also a massive draw for online bettors across the world.

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