Tom Horn Gaming: An Underrated Software Provider in the UK?

Tom Horn Gaming: An Underrated Software Provider in the UK?

Online gambling software providers are continually releasing new games for the UK market. Throughout 2023, over 100 developers launched upwards of 500 new slots and table games. However, many of these games quickly fizzled out of the limelight soon after their release.

To steer clear of such situations, Malta-based Tom Horn Gaming resists the urge to churn out new slots too frequently. Instead, the firm invests time in developing a top-notch slot machine before introducing it to the market.

Recently, THG has become a favourite among casino streamers. In particular, Twitch streamer DiceGirl has been leading the charge in promoting the company’s slots to her thousands of followers.

DiceGirl first discovered Tom Horn Gaming whilst streaming popular online slots. She quickly took a shine to the game and set herself the goal to play more THG games.

What sets THG apart, making most of its games receive top reviews?

A short overview of THG

Tom Horn Gaming is a Malta-based software provider established in 2008. The company specialises in creating slot machines, though it also offers a modest assortment of card games.

THG is a licensed provider in both Malta and the UK, meaning you can enjoy popular THG slots like Dragon Egg and Flaming Fruit at a range of UK-based online casinos.

Should you give THG slots a whirl? As mentioned, this company boasts many games with top ratings. Here are some reasons why people are fond of THG slots:

Stunning visuals

Whether you're a casual or a keen player, you likely appreciate slots with contemporary graphics. Good graphics grab attention.

THG utilises the latest technology to craft realistic visuals in its games. The theme doesn't matter; if it's a THG game, it likely boasts 3D graphics and 4K resolutions.

As a relatively modern company, THG has been developing slots in an era of crystal-clear graphics.

Finding a slot with outdated graphics from this developer is almost impossible.

High RTPs

For many players, a high return to player is a must-have feature in every good slot. Luckily, many slots by THG have 95% to 97% RTP rates, making them excellent games to play for real money.

For the uninitiated, RTP is a theoretical figure. It describes a game’s potential payout in the long term. You can still lose money whilst playing a top-RTP slot. However, these games give you the best odds of winning.

Generous features

If you're like many folks, you're probably keen on slots brimming with scatters, wilds, multipliers, bonus buys, and jackpots. THG slots tick all these boxes and then some. A bit of a spoiler: each game is unique.

Some slots feature scatters and wilds, but might not offer bonus buys or cascading reels. Others boast progressive jackpots, yet may skimp on free spins. Before you have a go at a THG slot, check it has the features you're after.

Opt for a slot that combines the most crucial elements – free spins, wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, and jackpots. Crucially, these features should pop up now and again.

Free mobile games

Another reason to give THG slots a whirl is that some of the games are free. There's no need to connect your credit card to a real money casino site to play. If you've got a smartphone, you can enjoy many of the developer's top slots.

A free mode lets you have a bash at a game before you put your money on the line. It offers a chance to see how often free spins crop up. You can suss out the likelihood of triggering the bonus round.

More importantly, you can easily figure out whether the slot's your cup of tea or not.

Best THG slots

Now that we've talked about why THG slots are gaining popularity, let's peek at some of the top games to try. Whilst we've been all about slots, bear in mind Tom Horn Gaming also crafts table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker.

>#1: Thrones of Persia

Thrones of Persia tops the list as THG's highest-paying slot machine with a whopping 98.8% RTP. Finding such a generous payout is a rare gem in the online casino world, making this game a must-try.

Design-wise, THG opts for simplicity, setting the game against the backdrop of an ancient, dusty city. The visuals are striking, although the 20-payline limit might not float everyone's boat.

Thrones of Persia is a low-variance game, so expect winning symbols to show up quite often. Keep your eyes peeled for Cyrus symbols—they're your ticket to potentially winning 5000x your stake.

#2: Sizable Win

With a name like Sizable Win, it's no surprise that you'd anticipate hefty payouts from this slot – and rightly so, as Sizable Win doesn’t skimp on the casino thrills.

This classic slot game parades an array of fruits on its reels, including lemons, cherries, oranges, grapes, and watermelons.

Most of the fruity symbols offer modest payouts, ranging from 20x to 100x your stake. However, on a stroke of luck, you could pocket up to 1000x your stake from this slot.

#3: Dragon Egg

Whilst Dragon Egg might not be THG’s top payer, it's arguably the best-rated game from this developer. Sporting a decent 96% RTP, it's quite the catch. But the RTP isn’t even the highlight of this game.

The real charm of Dragon Egg is its gameplay. Set in an Asian theme, this slot plunges you into a den of dragons. Your mission? Brave the flames and snag some of the fire-breathing creatures’ eggs to strike it rich.

The six dragons in the game are formidable, but landing any of them on the reels means you're in for a payout. The slot’s most lucrative feature can dish out a whopping 10,000x your stake.

#4: Triple Joker

Triple Joker is another THG slot that sports a fruity theme. But unlike typical classic slots, Triple Joker stands out as a high-paying machine. Boasting a 97% payout rate, it's an absolute must-play for any slot enthusiast.

In conclusion

Tom Horn Gaming ranks as one of the most underrated software providers in the UK. The company boasts a plethora of high-payout slots, yet it remains somewhat under the radar.

If you're keen on trying a variety of slots, do give some of the games we've highlighted a go. With THG being licensed in the UK, you'll find it's a doddle to spot a reputable online casino featuring the developer's slots.

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