Mystery Jackpot Bingo
offered by Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

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Mystery Amounts!
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75-ball game, Surprise Jackpots, Full House cash prizes


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Playing bingo is all about the thrill. So, if you know exactly how much you’re playing for, is it really that exciting?

Well, with Mystery Jackpot Bingo rooms you are rather left in the dark as to whether you’re playing for 10 or 500 coins and it’s that element of surprise that we really love!

Both the mystery and the fun features are what draws players these games. The colourful purple background and the thought of that treasure chest opening up to reveal the latest jackpot amount are tremendously exciting.

Mystery Jackpot Bingo games can be played on the move too via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


How to play

Unlike in regular bingo games, players do not know in advance what they are playing for in a Mystery Jackpots Bingo game. The prize is revealed just 10 seconds before the game begins, with at that point there being no further ticket sales allowed.

While this is a feature many may not like, it is exactly what keeps the game going.

Sometimes you may buy very few tickets and find out you are playing for 10 coins, while others times you may have chosen to buy a big handful before realising you’ve given yourself a great shot at a 500 coins jackpot!

Mystery Jackpot Bingo Features

Mystery Jackpot Bingo games are very cheap to play, with tickets available at just 0.05 coins for morning games and 10 coins for evening events.

Games are usually played from 9AM to 1PM and again from 4PM to 11PM. The least you can play for is 0.05 coins and the most is 4.80 coins.

A 75-ball game, rules follow those traditionally associated with bingo although there are no one-line and two-line wins.

The only winner is the person to shout for a full house, that player receiving the “mystery jackpot” itself. Each player can buy anything between one and 96 tickets meaning they can alter their chances of winning somewhat.

Ten seconds before the game begins, with all tickets already bought, the jackpot is revealed.

That jackpot could be any amount from 10 coins right up to 500 coins and it is made clear that it is a ‘winner takes all’ scenario for the full house scorer.

Return to Player

As with many popular online bingo titles, Mystery Jackpot Bingo games have a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of over 80%, usually 80% to 85% which is considered fair for all players.

As always though that figure is taken across all games and all players over a month, so your actual chances of winning will depend on how many tickets you buy and how many people are taking part in your game.


If there were prizes available for one or two lines then the varying amounts wouldn’t seem worth it, but in a winner takes all full house game we do love the surprise element here of not knowing whether the Mystery Jackpot is 10 or 500 coins!

Mystery Jackpot Bingo games are great fun, can be played on the move and are cheap to buy into at only 0.05 minimum and overall we think it’s well worth a try.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Mystery Jackpot Bingo online?

Mystery Jackpot Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

Who developed the game Mystery Jackpot Bingo?

Mystery Jackpot Bingo has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Mystery Jackpot Bingo?

Mystery Jackpot Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Mystery Jackpot Bingo on?

Mystery Jackpot Bingo can be played on


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