Goodison Park Stadium

Goodison Park Stadium

Goodison Park Stadium is the home stadium for Everton Football Club and it is located in Walton, Liverpool. The venue is only a couple of miles for the centre of the city and it seats almost 40,000 people.

Goodison Park holds the distinction as being the host ground for more top-flight games than any of the other stadiums in the country. It has hosted other major games over the years, including FA Cup finals, international fixtures including a 1966 World Cup semi-final.

History of Goodison Park Stadium


Everton FC originally played at Anfield between 1884 and 1892. This saw Everton becoming a professional club and even winning a championship at Anfield. Everton was the first club in England to have nets in their goals. A dispute came about at the end of the 1890s that saw Everton leave Anfield forever.


This dispute was based on a number of different issues, mainly about the purchasing of certain land at Anfield and how the club was being run. The rent Everton had to pay for the use of Anfield became too much. It was in 1891 that the ground for Goodison Park Stadium was purchased and the stadium was built. The first game at the new venue was held in 1892.


The venue was gradually improved over time. Covered dugouts were first introduced in 1931, being the first of their kind in England. It was in 1938 that the stadium became two-tiered all round. There was some bomb damage at Goodison Park during the Second World War, with extensive repairs needed. It was in 1957 that the first game under lights took place at Goodison Park.


Undersoil heating was introduced in the pitch in 1958, the first of its kind in the country. However, the drainage system could not keep up with this new heating and changes were needed. Another first at Goodison Park was being the first ground in the country to erect an electric scoreboard, doing so in 1971.


After the 1990 Taylor Report publication, three of the four stands at Goodison Park were standing. These had to be transformed into seating areas. Renovations took place and were completed in 1994. There has not been much work done to Goodison Park since then. Plans have been mooted at numerous stages in recent years about redeveloping the ground, but not much solid progress has been made.

The layout of the stadium

The capacity of Goodison Park Stadium is just over 40,000 and there are four different stands. The Goodison Road Stand was finished in 1971 and it seats 12,664 people. The Bullens Road Stand partially plays host to away team supporters and it holds 10,546 people.

The Howard Kendall Gwladys Street End Stand is behind the north goal and is usually host to the most vocal of the home support, catering for 10,611 fans. Finally, the Sir Philip Carter Park Stand is behind a goal and is named after a former club chairman, hosting 5,750 people.

Everton Football Club

Everton FC was founded in 1878 and it is arch-rivals with nearby Liverpool FC. The two teams play in the Merseyside Derby each year, a fixture that has yielded more cards than any other matchup in the Premier League.

Everton has stayed in top-flight English football for the second-longest stretch of any team, only being outside of the top flight four times in 121 seasons. Over the years, the club has captured nine league titles, five FA Cups, as well as a European Cup Winners’ Cup. The last major trophy that the club won was in 1995, the FA Cup.

Betting on games at Goodison Park

Goodison Park is known as being a tough venue for away teams. There are always hard-fought games at this ground, putting it up to even the best teams in the league. This presents a lot of betting opportunities.

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