Mexican Liga MX Betting

Mexican Liga MX Betting

The Mexican Liga MX is often called Liga MX for short and it is the leading domestic football league in Mexico. It was originally under the organization of the Mexican Football Federation and was originally founded in 1943.

There are 18 teams that take part in this league every year. This guide looks at the history of the Mexican Liga MX, as well as the current format and the betting opportunities that exist for this competition.

The format of Mexican Liga MX betting

The Mexican Liga MX is the main professional soccer league in Mexico and is organized by Liga MX/Ascenso MX. There are 18 teams each season in the Mexican Liga MX. Each season there will be one team that gets relegated down to the second division based on their performances in the league over the course of their last three seasons.

There are two parts to the competition. The Apertura takes place beginning in the summer while the Clausura begins during the winter months. Whatever teams are in the top eight positions in the league table by the end of the normal season will get into a playoff series.

There will be two-legged ties taking place at this stage, with the aggregate score winner progressing to the next stage. The team that comes out on top will be crowned as champion and receive the First division trophy.

Many see the Mexican Liga MX as being the strong professional football league in North America and one of the strongest in Latin America. It has a worldwide ranking of 20th in terms of domestic football leagues. The average crowds are often larger than other leagues in the Americas and have long been the fourth most attended league globally outside of the La Liga in Spain, Premier League in England and the Bundesliga in Germany.

The history of the Liga

Since the formation of the Mexican Liga MX in 1943, there have been 56 teams that have played at least a season in the competition. America is the team with the most titles, having won the Mexican Liga MX on 13 occasions, followed by Guadalajara with 12 titles and Toluca with ten titles.

The very first season of the Mexican Liga MX saw ten teams battling it out with one another. After the 1970 World Cup took place in Mexico. There was mass interest in the Mexican Liga MX. This led to the format of the competition changing and the competition being much more popular.

Regional qualification

There are four teams out of the Mexican Liga MX standings that will get entry into the CONCACAF Champions League, the main club for clubs in North America. This is normally the winner of the Apertura and Clausura competitions, as well as the two runners up. If a team reaches both of these finals, there is a system in place to choose another Mexican Liga MX team to also get a qualification.
Media coverage

All of the teams in the Mexican Liga MX have the ability to sell their own broadcast rights. There are many different television networks that show Mexican Liga MX games on a regular basis across the world, showcasing the exciting games that take place on a regular basis. There is a rule in place that means that teams play their final game of the Mexican Liga MX season on Sunday during prime time to maximize the television viewership numbers.

Betting on the matches

The Mexican Liga MX is a unique competition in terms of its format and is one of the strongest competitions in the region. Many top players are attracted to this league and great local rivalries and a loyal fan base for each club always create a mesmerizing atmosphere. This is why so many people attend and watch games each and every week. It also makes it even more exciting when you are placing bets on these Mexican Liga MX games.

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